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Meet Rebecca, A Russian-Born Lubitel 2 From The Late 1950's

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Ain't she a beauty? My fiancé Corrina and Rebecca, our Lubitel 2. 

I know what you're saying to yourself. "That is one sexy camera," right? Well, while Rebecca is getting a little later in the years, she 's everything you've ever wanted in a woman... er, camera. Made between 1955 and 1977, the Lubitel 2 is a Russian made twin-lens reflex camera, or TLR. The twin-lens part come from the fact that these cameras have two separate lenses; one is for viewing and focusing your image, while the other captures the image onto film. Everything on this camera is manual. There are no batteries to change or pesky auto-focusing mechanics that will end up costing a fortune to repair, just pure analog bliss. Just load up a roll of 120 film into this baby, and you're ready to start shooting. 

Focusing is done from the waist-level viewfinder on top of the camera. That blurry dot in the center shows you when you've got the focus right. 

Although they look like pretty serious cameras, Lubitels are actually surprisingly affordable. In fact, these Russian cameras are commonly referred to as "toy" cameras because of their cheaper build quality and low price. I found Rebecca on a trip to one of my favorite camera stores in Atlanta, Wings Camera (Seriously, you should check them out). After a few minutes of not-so-intense haggling, I walked away with this beautiful camera and I was only out twenty bucks. They even threw in a free roll of Kodak Portra! Rebecca is not your everyday, run of the mill 35mm camera, though. The Lubitel 2 is a medium-format camera and takes a negative several times larger than traditional 35mm film. 

Dreamy goodness. 

Do you like Instagram? Then you'll love the Lubitel 2! These cameras shoot square, just like everyone's favorite food-sharing photography app. Impress your friends at your next dinner outing by setting up a tripod, carefully composing your shot, and waiting several weeks to get your film processed. All the hipsters are doing it! Tune in next week to meet Tiffany, my Canon AE-1 Program!