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Lucille, The Big Momma Mamiya RZ67 Professional

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Dinner table for scale. 

If you're looking for anything less than a small artillery canon for a camera, then the Mamiya RZ67 Professional may not be the camera for you.  She's big and she's heavy, but she'll give you some of the best photographs you'll ever see. The RZ67 is the electronic successor of the RB67,  a revolutionary medium-format camera that allowed you to shoot both horizontally and vertically without changing the orientation of the camera itself (the "RB" stands for revolving back). This feature comes in handy when you consider that she weighs in at about ten pounds when you've got a roll of film and lens attached.  

If Batman were a photographer...

But wait! If RB stands for revolving back, what does the 67 mean? Well the 67 is short for 6x7cm, which is the format size of the film. Speaking of film, did I mention that you could switch out the film you're using before you've finished shooting a whole roll? Well you can. Actually, just about everything on this camera is swappable with different parts depending on what you're shooting, when you're shooting, etc. The modular design allows you to add or subtract a myriad of different accessories including auto-exposing pentaprisms and Polaroid backs. That's right, it shoots Polaroids too!