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Natalie, An Impossibly Instant Polaroid OneStep

Daniel OwensComment

Natalie basking in the warm sun. Actually, it's probably best to avoid a lot of sunlight with this camera. Film is finicky, people.

Let's face it. We live in a digital world. And would you like to know why? Because analog is FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE. Go ahead and take a look at what Urban Outfitters will try and sell you this camera for. Don't forget the film either. Yikes. That being said, I highly recommend getting a vintage Polaroid. There are still a lot of these cameras hanging around pawn shops and attics all around the world, and Craigslist is a great place to start if you're looking for a bargain. (DISCLAIMER: Do us all a favor and meet people from Craigslist at a public location with plenty of witnesses)

There's just something special about instant film. 

Shooting instant film can be a tremendously gratifying experience. You carefully frame your shot, adjust some minor exposure controls, and press down onto the shutter release. Then, as if by some sort of black magic, your camera springs to life, spitting out a single frame. Your masterpiece has arrived, but all you can see for the first few minutes is the bluish hue of chemicals like murky water covering the picture underneath. Slowly, the waters clear. You quiver with anticipation as the film sets and your picture is finally revealed. Oops, you forgot to set the distance meter, and everything is blurry. You've failed at life and wasted $3.50. But the next time you shoot, you'll remember to check everything out first, and at least you'll have a wonderful keepsake of your troubles. 

Get out there and start taking pictures!